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Hemp Means Freedom

Why Uncle Sams?

“Uncle Sam’s is an all American, all-natural honey infused with only American-grown Hemp and organic essential oils”

How Our Honey Is Made


Delicious, Pure, and Raw Honey

We always begin with pure, raw American honey. This delicious honey is never cut with syrup. It is also strained and not filtered – which means our honey has trace amounts of pollen, wax, propolis, vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes. Plenty of benefits await you already – even in its natural state!


Colorado Grown Hemp

Next, we add our proprietary blend of full spectrum hemp extract. We work with local Colorado hemp farmers so that you can receive a blend of full spectrum hemp extract that is legal and safe. Our extractor uses a renewable extraction method to ensure you receive the full benefits of the entire hemp plant. This is the beauty of our whole foods approach! We never add CBD oils to our honey! In fact, our honey is more than just CBD. We infuse our honey with hemp extract which provides you with a delicious way to enjoy the naturally occurring CBD in the hemp.


Organic Essential Oils

As a final step, our very own on-staff aromatherapist adds organic essential oils to our raw hemp honey. This adds flavor and a layering effect with additional benefits for you. You can experience the essence of the essential oils in our flavors Natural Calm, Ginger Zing, Lemon Alert, and Orange Ease.

our finest product

9 key Uncle Sam's Benefits

  • • Alert calm*
  • • Supports antioxidant response*
  • • Portable convenience
  • • Unwind naturally*
  • • All natural ingredients
  • • Awake revitalized*
  • • Organic Essential Oils
  • • Engage you endcannabioid system*
  • • Natural source of energy*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.